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  1. DIY curtain cleaning tips to keep your curtains looking Amazing.

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    For monthly care and to keep your curtains looking amazing, we suggest that you use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum heavier weight curtains.

    For light weight curtains and sheer curtains be a little bit careful because if they are sun damaged or aged you may damage the delicate fabric. When cleaning the curtains make sure that you check for stains or areas that may need a more in depth clean. The tops of the curtains where they are pinch pleated or gathered along the tops of the curtain tracks are especially susceptible to dust accumulation, moth and insect nests. Be aware that insects and moths can damage your curtains and need to be removed as soon as possible. You can use the long handle and brush attachment to reach the higher area of the curtain and gently brush the area with the wand of your vacuum cleaner front and back and really try and vacuum in between the pleats of the curtains as much as possible to ensure your curtains get a good clean in these areas. By following these tips on a regular basis will keep you curtains looking great for years to come, however we would highly recommend having your curtains professionally dry cleaned or wet cleaned every four to five years for a more intense clean and to ensure maximum life of your investment as we all know curtains are an expensive window covering.

  2. Upholstery Cleaning tips that will keep your lounge looking Amazing.

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    We recommend that you vacuum your lounge suite once a week. We all clean our carpets weekly so why not your lounge? Your lounge suite gets used on daily basis just like the carpet.

    So it makes perfect sense right! Make it part of your cleaning routine. When you vacuum the carpets, get out the wand and brush attachment and vacuum the sofa as well, even taking off the couch cushions and cleaning underneath where all those pesky lolly wrappers hide, you mind even find yourself a gold coin. By following this cleaning tip you will remove a lot of dirt and dust out of the couch that you don’t even normally see. Residual dust is what causes stains in the first place and break down of the fabric. Vacuuming your lounge suite regularly not only assist’s in odour control, but you will notice small stains as soon as they appear and be able to spot clean them before they really set in. This means that if you make this part of your regular cleaning, it won’t be so bad as if you waited to do it once every twelve months. When you do go to clean the upholstery, if it a fabric lounge suite go over it with a hairbrush first. This is just a normal hair brush that you can pick up from your local store…it may sound silly, but the hairbrush will assist in loosening the dirt and if you have cute little fur baby’s like I do, and they like to sit on your beautiful lounge it will help lift away a lot of the pet hair ready for vacuuming.

  3. DIY stain removal to keep your soft fabric upholstery lounge suite looking Amazing.

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    Mix 2 cups of water with 1/4 cup of dishwashing detergent. Then use a white microfiber cloth dip in the mixture, but don’t make it to wet.

    Use the hairbrush to agitate over the stains. Keep rinsing the microfiber cloth out in fresh water. Wring out the microfiber cloth, because you don’t want to use too much water on the upholstery as this will cause water stains and could make your upholstery look worse than if you had not cleaned it at all. Give the upholstery a final once over with a clean cloth and that is about all you can do. If this does not work, please feel free to call us for our professional upholstery cleaning service as we highly recommend having your couch professionally cleaned once a year to keep it looking amazing.

  4. Tips for Cleaning Your Venetian Blinds so they always look Amazing.

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    Aluminium blinds can be hard to keep clean they are horizontal and collect dust very easily and extremely quickly as we all know.

    They are made of very thin aluminium and very light-weight so they can easily bend or be damaged. They can also cut you like knife if you’re not careful. Cleaning aluminium blinds can be done with a slightly damp cloth to clean away dirt by wiping each blade one at a time, but avoid using a vacuum cleaner on them as you can easily damage the blades in the blind and once they bend they will need new replacement blades. Now the best tip of all… Is turn up the music loud, get a glass of wine, plenty of patience and start cleaning. We do recommend you have your blinds cleaned professionally every couple of years as this will get in all the nooks and crannies and assist in preventing corrosion on the blades and keep them looking Amazing.

  5. Tips for Cleaning Your Vertical Blinds so they always look Amazing.

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    Vertical blinds are a little more difficult to clean because they are bigger and they move around as you try to clean them and you may have to use a ladder if you are not tall enough to clean the tops of the blinds.

    Vertical blinds can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down each slat, but be careful not to damage them or bend them as they may not straighten out again. You will be amazed at how much dirt has built up on those vertical blinds. But they will clean up really well if you approach the blind cleaning process with a little patience. Again, my top tip, turn up the music get a glass or maybe a bottle of wine and plenty of patience and get started. We also highly recommend having your blinds professionally cleaned every couple of years to give them a deep clean and extend the life of you blinds and keep them looking amazing.

    Cleaning honeycomb blinds requires a dry cleaning method such as using a vacuum to remove the dirt. The cleaning process for pleated shades is the same. Using water to clean these window coverings will ruin them.