DIY curtain cleaning tips to keep your curtains looking Amazing.

For monthly care and to keep your curtains looking amazing, we suggest that you use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum heavier weight curtains.

For light weight curtains and sheer curtains be a little bit careful because if they are sun damaged or aged you may damage the delicate fabric. When cleaning the curtains make sure that you check for stains or areas that may need a more in depth clean. The tops of the curtains where they are pinch pleated or gathered along the tops of the curtain tracks are especially susceptible to dust accumulation, moth and insect nests. Be aware that insects and moths can damage your curtains and need to be removed as soon as possible. You can use the long handle and brush attachment to reach the higher area of the curtain and gently brush the area with the wand of your vacuum cleaner front and back and really try and vacuum in between the pleats of the curtains as much as possible to ensure your curtains get a good clean in these areas. By following these tips on a regular basis will keep you curtains looking great for years to come, however we would highly recommend having your curtains professionally dry cleaned or wet cleaned every four to five years for a more intense clean and to ensure maximum life of your investment as we all know curtains are an expensive window covering.

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