Tips for Cleaning Your Venetian Blinds so they always look Amazing.

Aluminium blinds can be hard to keep clean they are horizontal and collect dust very easily and extremely quickly as we all know.

They are made of very thin aluminium and very light-weight so they can easily bend or be damaged. They can also cut you like knife if you’re not careful. Cleaning aluminium blinds can be done with a slightly damp cloth to clean away dirt by wiping each blade one at a time, but avoid using a vacuum cleaner on them as you can easily damage the blades in the blind and once they bend they will need new replacement blades. Now the best tip of all… Is turn up the music loud, get a glass of wine, plenty of patience and start cleaning. We do recommend you have your blinds cleaned professionally every couple of years as this will get in all the nooks and crannies and assist in preventing corrosion on the blades and keep them looking Amazing.

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