Tips for Cleaning Your Vertical Blinds so they always look Amazing.

Vertical blinds are a little more difficult to clean because they are bigger and they move around as you try to clean them and you may have to use a ladder if you are not tall enough to clean the tops of the blinds.

Vertical blinds can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down each slat, but be careful not to damage them or bend them as they may not straighten out again. You will be amazed at how much dirt has built up on those vertical blinds. But they will clean up really well if you approach the blind cleaning process with a little patience. Again, my top tip, turn up the music get a glass or maybe a bottle of wine and plenty of patience and get started. We also highly recommend having your blinds professionally cleaned every couple of years to give them a deep clean and extend the life of you blinds and keep them looking amazing.

Cleaning honeycomb blinds requires a dry cleaning method such as using a vacuum to remove the dirt. The cleaning process for pleated shades is the same. Using water to clean these window coverings will ruin them.

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