Upholstery Cleaning tips that will keep your lounge looking Amazing.

We recommend that you vacuum your lounge suite once a week. We all clean our carpets weekly so why not your lounge? Your lounge suite gets used on daily basis just like the carpet.

So it makes perfect sense right! Make it part of your cleaning routine. When you vacuum the carpets, get out the wand and brush attachment and vacuum the sofa as well, even taking off the couch cushions and cleaning underneath where all those pesky lolly wrappers hide, you mind even find yourself a gold coin. By following this cleaning tip you will remove a lot of dirt and dust out of the couch that you don’t even normally see. Residual dust is what causes stains in the first place and break down of the fabric. Vacuuming your lounge suite regularly not only assist’s in odour control, but you will notice small stains as soon as they appear and be able to spot clean them before they really set in. This means that if you make this part of your regular cleaning, it won’t be so bad as if you waited to do it once every twelve months. When you do go to clean the upholstery, if it a fabric lounge suite go over it with a hairbrush first. This is just a normal hair brush that you can pick up from your local store…it may sound silly, but the hairbrush will assist in loosening the dirt and if you have cute little fur baby’s like I do, and they like to sit on your beautiful lounge it will help lift away a lot of the pet hair ready for vacuuming.

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